Rescue Dogs Relax in Old Arm Chairs Donated to Local Animal Shelter

The Knox County Humane Society explained the concrete floors are stressful for their dogs.

One man’s trash is another dog’s treasure.

That seems to be the motto for this Illinois shelter that began furnishing their kennels with donated armchairs.

Although the chairs with worn down leather might not be a good fit with the rest of the shelter’s concrete décor, the rescue dogs don’t seem to mind.

“Our purpose is to keep the shelter pups off the cold floor,” animal control officer Tanner Smith of the Knox County Humane Society in Galesburg told

Smith explained animal shelters are an extremely stressful place for dogs, and the donated chairs are meant to help them feel more comfortable in a foreign environment.

“It has made the shelter pups feel more at home,” he explained. “We have noticed a huge drop in stress here as well as quieter kennels.”

Smith explained each donated chair is disinfected before they are placed inside the dogs' kennels.

Their shelter currently houses nearly 80 pups – some of which can be adopted and others that are being temporarily housed at their kennel.

To find out more about how you can donate to the Knox County Humane Society, visit their Facebook page.