After Suspect in Rick Moranis Attack Is Arrested, Couple Says Same Man Attacked Them on Subway in April

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More than a month ago, "Ghostbusters" actor Rick Moranis was punched in the head while walking near his home in New York in a brutal assault that was captured on surveillance camera. Now, a suspect has been arrested, and a New York couple says they were also assaulted by the same man.

Ashley Davis told Inside Edition that she and her husband were attacked for no reason by the same suspect as they rode on the subway back in April.

“I looked down. The next thing I know, we’re being pummeled. I mean, there’s just fists hitting us. It was so shocking. I thought my husband was dying,” Davis told Inside Edition.

Marquis Ventura, 35, has a long rap sheet, with more than a dozen previous arrests.

“I told them, this man—something’s wrong. He’s going to do this again. He’s going to do this again,” Davis said.

Seven months later, he allegedly did do it again.

“I’m always looking over my shoulder, because I don’t feel safe in my city anymore,” Davis said. “And I was born and raised here. I’ve never felt like that.”


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