Aftermath of Terrifying Shark Attack Captured in Newly Released Bodycam Video

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Newly released bodycam video shows the terrifying aftermath of a shark attack in the waters off the Florida Keys. Margot Dukes and her husband Andrew Eddy were snorkeling with family members when Andrew was bitten by the shark on the shoulder and started flailing in the water.

Margot, who is pregnant, jumped in the water to save him. The video captured on the responding officer’s body camera shows medics rush him off the boat to an ambulance before being medevaced to a hospital.

“Can I come with him? I’m his wife,” Margot says in the video.

Margot’s mom told first responders what happened in the water.

“Next thing I know, I see flailing and he's screaming. And there's just all red blood,” she said. “And then he didn't know if he could make it to the ladder. And my pregnant daughter jumped in to help him.”

The couple’s baby girl is due in a month. Andrew is still recovering from a severe shoulder injury.


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