Aggressive Rat Terrorizes Shoppers on Mall Escalator as It Lunges at Them

Shoppers were seen freaking out as the rat jumped at anyone who got too close.

It was a nightmare scenario for shoppers at a shopping center in the Philippines as a real mall rat left them cowering in fear.

Those taking a stroll at the mall in Manila spotted the rat just lounging on an escalator step near the food court. The sight of the rodent forced one woman to frantically run off the escalator in fear. 

A man who got a little too close to the rat jumped off the staircase with his bags over his head as it lunged at him. 

"It was an ordinary mall stroll when I heard ladies shouting, so I got close and start recording," the cameraman told ViralHog.

Video of the incident was posted on social media Wednesday where it quickly became an internet sensation. 

Manila City Health Office Sanitation Division officials have seen the video and immediately began an inspection, which found that waste was being disposed incorrectly in the area, according to reports.