Alabama Teen Who Allegedly Pushed 6-Year-Old Into Fire to Be Tried as Adult: Prosecutors

Teen Pushes Girl Into Fire
The Baldwin County Sheriff's Office in Alabama is investigating the case of a teen who allegedly pushed his 6-year-old relative into a fire, authorities said.Baldwin County Sheriff's Office

An Alabama teen was arrested after he allegedly shoved a girl into a fire. Her mother went in after her and both suffered serious burns, police said.

An Alabama teen who allegedly tried to kill a 6-year-old girl by shoving her into a fire will be tried as an adult, authorities said.

The 17-year-old remains in custody after his arrest last week, prosecutors said. He is being held on $500,000 bail. He has been charged with attempted murder and second-degree assault, authorities said.

Alabama law prevents suspects ages 17 and under from being publicly identifed, even if they are being tried as adults. Their information becomes public if they're convicted, according to state statutes.

The teen is a relative who also lived with the mother and little girl, authorities said.

“Our understanding was that there was a possible domestic violence dispute that occurred inside the house and then trickled out into the front yard where the 17-year-old suspect took the juvenile and threw her into the fire,” Lt. Andrew Ashton of the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office told WALA-TV.

The child was engulfed in what was described as a rubbish fire. Her mother ran into the flames and pulled her out, Ashton said.

A neighbor across the street told the station he saw what was happening and ran outside to help.

Jason Davis said he ordered the teen to get back, and told a friend to call 911.

“The little girl saw me, and she came running,” Davis said. “She jumped into my arms and she told me, 'He’s gonna kill me, he’s gonna kill me!' And I told her she was safe.”

The neighbor said he ushered the girl and her mother inside his mobile home and stayed with them until deputies arrived.

“There may be more charges that come from this," Ashton told the station. "There’s just more things we need to look into.

"I think more importantly though, is that the child and the child’s mother make, hopefully, a speedy recovery from their injuries," said.

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