Alleged Waffle House Shooter Travis Reinking Committed to Mental Hospital

The court will check if he is ready to stand trial every six months.

man accused of opening fire at a Tennessee Waffle House in April, killing four people, will reside in a mental hospital until it's determined he’s fit to stand trial.

Travis Reinking, 29, appeared in Nashville court Wednesday, where a psychologist testified the suspect is schizophrenic and not currently competent to stand trial.

He will need therapy and medication before he can, according to reports.

The judge ruled for him to be committed to a mental hospital as he “poses a substantial threat of harm to public.” 

"Mr. Reinking does suffer from a serious and persistent mental illness....” Judge Mark Fishburn said.

The court will now check on Reinking every six months to see if he’s ready for trial. 

Reinking allegedly opened fire in the Waffle House parking lot on April 22 at 3 a.m. before entering the restaurant and continuing shooting. 

A customer eventually wrestled Reinking’s AR-15 away and he ran. Reinking was arrested 34 hours later after a manhunt. 

He’s been charged with four counts of criminal homicide.