Alligator on Tarmac Holds Up Spirit Airlines Flight at Florida Airport

The gator was in no hurry.

How did the alligator cross the busy international airport tarmac? Slowly, and with zero regard for busy travelers. 

This rascally reptile was recently caught on video by a Spirit Airlines passenger at the Orlando International Airport. 

Anthony Velardi, the man behind the camera, told WESH the gator forced his plane to taxi for several minutes while it crossed into a body of water on the airport grounds. 

"Only in Florida," began Velardi's Facebook post about the strange scene. "A gator held up our Spirit Airlines plane crossing the runway at MCO on the way home from DC."

While gators themselves are a common sight in much of the Sunshine State, MCO spokeswoman Carolyn Fennell told the Orlando Sentinel that sightings at the airport are not.

Instead, look for the menacing creatures in family swimming pools, grocery store parking lots, and, of course, on golf courses