Alligator With Missing Upper Jaw Discovered in Florida

alligator with half a jaw
Facebook/Katrina Shadix

Some people are taking to social media in an effort to find the gator to aid it.

A Florida woman found an alligator with the top half of its jaw missing.

The Seminole County woman took to Facebook to ask if anyone could help the poor gator.

"I think an image like this, missing the whole part of your face, is very shocking,” licensed wildlife rehabilitator Kim Titterington told WESH.

Titterington told the outlet that a fight with another gator or getting caught in a snare trap may have caused the gator to lose half its mouth.

In an effort to help the gator, some people have posted information on social media. The gator has reportedly gotten away from trappers and officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission looking to aid the reptile.

According to Titterington, the gator is currently surviving on lake bugs and anything else it can get in its lower mouth, WESH reported. Though Titterington worries that won't be enough, the outlet reported.

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