Married Mom, 42, Accused of Sexually Assaulting Student, 11, Arrested for Third Time While Out on Bail: Police

Alyson Cranick
Alyson Cranick (third arrest on left, first arrest on right) is now facing additional charges.CSP

In his initial meeting with police, the underage victim said Alyson Cranick "sexually assaulted" him by forcing him to engage in intercourse, according to the warrant.

A former Connecticut school employee is back behind bars after being arrested for violating the conditions of her parole while out on bail.

Married mother-of-two Alyson Cranick, 42, is facing charges in both New London and Tolland County after she allegedly contacted a 13-year-old girl on Snapchat over the Thanksgiving holiday, according to court dockets.

She is already facing charges for over allegations that she sexually assaulted a boy, 11, who attended the school where she used to work.

Soon after her arrest, Cranick posted bail and agreed to a number of conditions as part of her Pretrial Intensive Supervision. One of the conditions was that Cranick have “no unsupervised contact with minors."

On Nov. 27, a trooper with the Columbia Police Department "received a third-party report that Cranick had allegedly sent a Snapchat message to a 13-year-old female," according to a spokesperson for the Connecticut State Police.

Cranick said that the minor had been out shopping with one of her relatives and believed to be speaking to that relative on the day in question, which was Nov. 24 according to the CSP spokesperson

"According to Cranick, she believed that while her relative and [the minor] were out shopping together, her relative used [the minor's]  phone to contact Cranick via Snapchat," said the CSP spokesperson. "Cranick further explained that her relative’s face was visible in the Snapchat message and she believed that it was sent by her relative, using [the minor's] phone."

Cranick then said that she merely sent an emoji in response to a text, said the spokesperson.

The parent of the minor disputed that claim by Cranick however and said that her daughter's account showed a "streak" of messages had been sent by Cranick to the minor via Snapchat, according to the CSP spokesperson.

Two days after learning about this alleged communication, investigators with the Eastern District Major Crime Detectives applied for two arrest warrants for Cranick.

Now, Cranick is facing an additional charge of violation of conditions of release in both Tolland County and New London County.

This is now the third time police arrested Cranick, having first been taken into custody on Nov. 14 in an arrest warrant approved by Rockville Superior Court, charged with two counts of sexual assault in the first degree and three counts of injury, or risk of injury to, or impairing morals of children.

The next arrest occurred one day later, when Cranick was booked in New London County and charged with two counts of sexual assault in the first degree and two counts of risk of injury to a child, according to the court docket.

Cranick has yet to enter a plea for those charges in her first two arrests, and her arraignment on these two parole violations will take place later this month.

Cranick's lawyer did not respond to requests for comment but did briefly speak with the media after her initial court appearance. WTNH reported that Trent LaLima said that he expects this will be a lengthy court process, adding: "We maintain [Cranick's] innocence."

The alleged victim first spoke to police in September, after telling a family member that he and Cranick had a sexual relationship for two months the previous summer, according to an arrest warrant obtained by Inside Edition Digital.

In that initial meeting, the boy said Cranick "sexually assaulted" him by forcing him to engage in intercourse, according to the warrant.

This went on for two months in 2022, according to the boy, who told a detective that Cranick would drive to his house and he would sneak out at between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. to meet her, according to the warrant.

The boy told the detective that he and Cranick would have sex in the vehicle, and that when he complained about being tired from sneaking out in the middle of the night she began to buy him energy drinks, says the warrant.

Cranick at one point allegedly offered to buy the boy an airsoft gun or Apple AirPods, according to the warrant, but the boy said it would be too hard to explain the purchases to his parents.

The boy eventually ended the relationship, according to the warrant, using an injury and the start of the school year as his excuse for not being able to sneak out and see Cranick.

When the detective on the case interviewed the boy's family members, they showed him 392 screenshots of Discord messages sent between the boy and Cranick between July and October of 2022, according to the warrant.

"The messages revealed many consistencies with the [boy's] forensic interview," alleges the warrant. "They showed that from the beginning of their conversation until September 2022, Cranick encouraged [the boy] to sneak out almost nightly after his family members had gone to sleep."

The warrant also says that Cranick's messages to the boy "were often flirtatious and sexual in nature," and that she sent messages in which she "suggested he shower with her," said "she wanted [the boy] in bed laying on top of her," and even sent a photo of a bracelet with beads that said "BFFFLWB" which she made for the boy.

"[The boy] later explained that Cranick told him 'BFFLWB' meant 'Best Friends For Life With Benefits,'" according to the warrant.

Detectives from Eastern District Major Crime also interviewed Cranick in Pennsylvania prior to her arrest.

She denied initiating any sexual contact with the boy, said she could not recall her Discord username, and dismissed the flirtatious and sexual nature of her texts by saying she is "just a really nice person" and "was trying to comfort [the boy] because he is scared" due to family issues, according to the warrant.

The boy sat for one more interview, at which time his family member also provided cellphone records that showed multiple calls made by Cranick to the boy in the middle of the night, according to the warrant.

That is when the CSP filed their warrant, claiming that they had probable cause to believe Cranick had committed the crimes for which she is now charged.

Barbara Wilson, the interim superintendent for one of the districts where Cranick had been employed, released a statement after the arrest.

"I write to inform you that a former Columbia Public School employee was arrested for sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor. Clearly, any allegation of inappropriate contact with minors is disturbing and causes concerns about the safety of the children in our school community," read the statement in part.

Wilson went on to write that the safety of the children is "the district's foremost concern," and encouraged individuals with "any concerns or allegations pertaining to inappropriate contact with students" to contact her office.

"It is with great regret that I must share this information with you today. As educators, we are entrusted to protect and educate all of our students. Maintaining appropriate faculty-student relationships and providing for the safety and wellbeing of our students at all times are critical," wrote Wilson in closing. "My hope is that this horrific and appalling situation will not cast a shadow over the important work carried out by the Columbia School District's teachers and staff members, who provide an outstanding education and safe environment for our students every day."

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