Amber Heard Can’t Pay Johnny Depp Judgment Money, Is 'Sorry for Every Woman' in Similar Situation, Lawyer Says

Amber Heard’s lawyer says she will “absolutely” appeal the verdict. Johnny Depp's victory in court has left some concerned it may have a chilling effect on victims of domestic abuse.

There's a big reaction around the world today following Johnny Depp's big victory in court.

Now the question is — can his ex-wife Amber Heard actually pay the more than $10 million in damages? According to her lawyer Elaine Bredehoft, no.

Inside Edition caught up with Bredehoft in New York. 

“[Amber] is heartbroken. One of the first things she did when she came back in the conference room, she said, ‘I am so sorry for every woman out there that has gone through any of this,’” Bredehoft said.

Appearing on “Today,” Bredefhoft said outright that Heard just doesn't have the money to pay the judgment.

Lawyer Emily Baker has been following the trial.

“We heard Amber Heard on the stand slip and say that she had already spent over $6 million on this case. I believe that’s probably prior to trial. So it’s reasonable to believe this was $10 million plus for each side,” Baker said.

There's also talk that Heard will have to declare bankruptcy, but it may not do any good.

“Amber Heard doesn’t have the option of bankruptcy here, because these were willful, intentional torts. This was intentional defamation, and that forestalls this judgment from being written off in bankruptcy,” Baker said.

Attorney Brian Claypool says Depp's team did a better job.

“Lawyers matter in cases like this. Depp’s legal team outmaneuvered Heard’s legal team. It was brilliant of Johnny Depp to have Camille Vasquez, a woman, cross-examine Amber Heard. I [a man] could not have gotten away with that [cross-examining Heard], because I would have been perceived as a bully,” Claypool said.

Court TV's Chanley Painter was in court for the whole trial.

“Even though Johnny Depp was not here in person, his attorneys were greeted like rock stars outside the courthouse — unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It was like they rolled out a red carpet, cheering,” Painter said.

There are concerns that the verdict could have a chilling effect on victims of domestic abuse.

Depp remained in England, where he celebrated the verdict, stopping by a local pub.

But after the long, six-week trial, the battle between the ex-couple may not be over. Heard’s lawyer says she will “absolutely” appeal the verdict.

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