American Woman on Safari in Uganda Kidnapped by Gunmen Demanding $500,000

An American on safari in Uganda has been kidnapped.
The kidnapping took place at Queen Elizabeth National Park. Getty

An American woman on a safari in Uganda's Queen Elizabeth Park was kidnapped by gunmen who are demanding $500,000 in ransom, authorities said.

Kimberley Sue Endecott, 35, was abducted with guide and driver Jean-Paul Mirenge Remezo, 38, a married father of two. The group was ambushed Tuesday evening while out on a safari near the park's Katoke Gate, local police said.

Four gunmen stopped the tourist group, kidnapped Endecott and Remezo, and left the other tourists behind, police said. The kidnappers took the keys to the open-air truck, leaving them stranded.

An elderly couple left behind were able to contact the Wild Frontiers Safari camp manager, who drove out to rescue them, said government spokesman Ofwono Opondo.

Ugandan soldiers are hunting the kidnappers and have sealed off the area. The kidnappers made their ransom demand using Endecott's cellphone, authorities said.

"We strongly believe the perpetrators and victims could still be trapped within our search area," a police statement read. "The priority at this point is to locate, rescue and bring them back to safety."


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