Friendly Lion Invades Safari, Nuzzling Up to Driver and Even Licking a Tourist

The bizarre situation took place at the Taigan Safari Park in Crimea.

A lion inside the Taigan Safari Park in Crimea got a little too close for comfort for a group of tourists. 

The passengers inside a safari vehicle never expected a lion to give a welcome like this. 

First, the lion is seen nuzzling up to the driver and shoving him right out of his seat. The driver didn’t look injured or in pain but also appeared to pet the beast. 

The people behind the driver were filming on their phones and video shows the tourists appearing to remain calm. 

And nobody seemed freaked out when the beast greeted other visitors, even as it cuddled up to a woman and gave her a lick. 

Just eight weeks ago, another lion at the safari park in Crimea mauled a woman.

Eventually, the lion in the recent video was taken out of the vehicle by the driver as the passengers slowly evacuated.