Smile! Photographer Risks His Life to Get Up Close and Personal With Crocodiles

He went on the dangerous adventure to celebrate his 42nd birthday.

A California man risked life and limb to swim astonishingly close to a 500-pound crocodile, and he has an incredible image of the beast to prove it.

Eldad Cohen, of Los Angeles, said he set out on the daring adventure as a way to celebrate his 42nd birthday. 

He snapped the frightening photo of the reptile, and its razor-sharp teeth, for Media Drum World. 

In one shot, the crocodile looked ready to pounce, staring right at him with its mouth wide open.

The adrenaline-fueled dive lasted for six hours and took place in Cuba, at a tourist spot where swimmers put their lives on the line to swim with the dangerous creatures.

“I wanted to do something different for my birthday so I called my friend Tim Yeo from Bluewater Travel and [joined] him on the Cuba trip he organized,” Cohen told Media Drum World

He also explained how he got the perfect shots. 

"The most important thing in underwater photography is to get closer to the animal," he said. “The closer you get, the better chance you have for a great shot. I was lucky to spend six hours in the water with the crocodiles and that helped me perfect the shots.

"The first time I tried to get close the crocodile, I got stuck in the mud of the mangroves. Luckily I managed to get out of there fast as the crocodile was coming towards me."