Mischievous White Lion Cubs Steal Zookeeper's Hat

The cubs, born in March, were rejected by their parents.

Rare white lions may be may be predatory big cats, but for now, these two tiny cubs just want to cause some mischief.

One of the cubs could be seen at the Altiplano Zoo in Tlaxcala, Mexico, grabbing at a keeper’s hat while its sibling gently wrestled with his leg.

Their parents, Miztli and Thonatiu, also white lions, rejected them at a young age, and the cubs had to be fed formula for their first few weeks of their lives.

The pair, now nearly 6 months old, are quickly growing bigger and more rambunctious thanks to their hearty diet of chicken and milk.

The cubs are just two of five other white lions at the zoo, which also houses three adults and another cub born last year.

The Altiplano Zoo plans to grow its population of the rare white lions with hopes of establishing a sanctuary for the species.

There are only a few dozen white lions left in the wild, officials said, with several hundred of the species living in zoos around the world.

Researchers believe white lions get their coloring from a genetic mutation, not due to albinism.