An Hour After DC Curfew Goes Into Effect, Trump Supporters Remain by Capitol as Cops Continue Moving Them Away

The riot police have been clearing the mobs of Trump supporters away from the US Capitol after rioters stormed the halls of Congress earlier today.

Police slowly and methodically continued to move Trump supporters away from the Capitol building nearly an hour after the 6 p.m. curfew went into effect.  

“They are taking baby steps and going nowhere in a hurry,” CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan said from the scene. The crowds, he said, had dramatically decreased as police continued to push back in an aggressive but non-violent way.

However, some of the protestors appeared to be trying to provoke the officers and illicit a confrontation, CNN reported. 

“The majority of Trump supporters don’t seem to care there is a curfew,” O’Sullivan said. 

Some of those lingering rioters, many of whom waved Trump flags, shouted obscenities at police and called them “traitors” and “sell-outs.” 

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam also ordered a curfew for the City of Alexandria and Arlington County in Washington's suburbs.

“We know that a lot of these individuals were going to come right across the Potomac River and stay in Arlington and Alexandria, and I talked to leadership in both of those areas, and we don’t want any more trouble tonight, or for that matter, any day, and so we invoked a curfew for Alexandria and Arlington,” Northam told News4.

The Capitol was declared to be secure nearly four hours after rioters stormed its halls. President Donald Trump did not condemn the violent mobs, but instead told them they were "very special" and then told them “to go home."

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