Anteater Gives Birth to Rare Set of Twins — for the Second Time

One of the twins is being cared for by the Santa Barbara Zoo.

An anteater at California's Santa Barbara Zoo has given birth to twins, a rarity for the species.

The zoo’s giant anteater, Anara, who has given birth to twins in the past, had her second set in November. Because female anteaters are not physically equipped to nourish more than one pup, both twins are at risk. 

The zoo allowed the mom to care for her pups as long as possible until they noticed one of the twins decreasing in weight, which is when they had to step in to help.

The pup experiencing the weight loss is now being cared for and hand-raised by the zoo’s Animal Care Team. It's a demanding schedule, which includes midnight feedings, to give her pup the best chance of survival. 

The larger pup has stayed with the mother and has already been on display, proudly clinging to Anara’s back.