Archie Plays on the Beach With Meghan and Harry in Adorable New Video

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tell Oprah about some of their favorite moments with little Archie, including what some of his favorite words to say are.

As part of Oprah’s special Sunday night interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the public got a new glimpse of little Archie playing on the beach with his parents. It was also revealed that the toddler is going to be a big brother to a baby sister, who’s due this summer.

There’s speculation that the couple may name the baby girl “Diana” after Harry’s late mother Princess Diana. Bookies in London have the best odds on “Diana” followed by “Elizabeth.”

The doting parents shared a new black and white video of little Archie running on a foggy beach in California before scooting through his dad’s legs.

“The highlight for me is sticking him on the back of the bicycle in his little baby seat and taking him on bike rides, which is something I was never able to do when I was young,” Harry said.

“I can see him on the back and he’s got his arms out and he’s like ‘Woo!’”

Viewers got a glimpse at how Archie is being raised in the United States. Watch the video in the player above to hear Meghan and Harry talk about the toddler’s favorite words.