Are Massage Chairs Safe? Inside Edition Investigates as Over 2,000 ER Visits in Last Decade Involved Them

Millions are used safely at spas, malls, airports, and people's living rooms – but some have been linked to a number of accidents.

Few things seem more enticing after a long and stressful day than sitting back and relaxing in a full body massage chair.

Millions of Americans enjoy these massage chairs safely every year.

It turns out that these chairs, which can be found at some spas, malls, airports and even in some people's living rooms, have been linked to a number of accidents.

In Naples, Florida, one woman got her foot trapped in a massage chair at a spa.

After attempts to get her foot out of the chair failed, an employee had to call 911 and request that someone come and break the chair.

Firefighters arrived on the scene soon after and ultimately had to use an electric saw to break open the device, all while the woman cried out in pain.

In 2013, a 4-year-old boy was accidentally killed when he crawled under a massage chair.

The chair crushed the child when he turned it on with the remote control.

There are also a number of videos on social media that show people who say they are trapped in massage chairs.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates there were at least 2,200 emergency department visits involving massage chairs between 2012 and 2021.

Inside Edition went to the New Jersey Massage Chairs Showroom in Brick, NJ to test a few .

Owner Nicholas Fahmie tells Inside Edition that massage chairs are "absolutely safe," but says it is important to read the owner's manual, follow the instructions, and get familiar with the chair's settings.

"If you're in any kind of distress, just hit the power button and it's going to reset itself," Fahmie says of the chairs.

His other advice?

"I guess number one, realize what you're going to be using it for. If it's going to be for a variety of people, everybody's size, shape and sensitivity level is different," Fahmie says. "It's really imperative that an adult is present."

"These are not toys," he adds. "They're very powerful machines."

Another tip: If a person is ever in distress, just shut the power off so the chair resets itself.


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