Are Road Trips the Summer Vacation of 2020?

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Memorial weekend, which traditionally marks the beginning of summer, is just 10 days away. And either in spite of, or perhaps because of COVID-19, nearly one in three Americans say they will be taking a road trip this summer.

"Normally we go to Florida to visit my grandparents," Queens resident Carolyn Petschler told Inside Edition. This year, however, Petschler's family is thinking about staying a lot closer to home — like maybe even pitching a tent in their own backyard. "I am looking at my camping options." 

According to travel expert Pauline Frommer, that's a smart idea. "Probably the safest thing to do right now is to stay in your own home state," Frommer told Inside Edition. 

Instead of going to a resort or hotel, Frommer said a new feature makes Airbnb an attractive choice. 

"You are going to be able to tell if they are a super hosts for safety and cleaning, meaning they have taken a special course with Airbnb," Frommer said.

Another great option is to travel in an RV. There's been a big spike in sales and rentals at Road Bear RV in New Jersey. You don't have to come in contact with other people, you can avoid restaurants, cook your own meals and sleep right in the back. 

National parks can also be a great option if you do your research. Although the roads may be open to go in and out of the trails, concessions and accommodations may be closed. If amusement and theme parks are open at all, expect seismic changes. 

Dream vacations like you've had in the past may have to put on hold this summer, and camping in the backyard may not seem like such a lame idea after all.


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