Ariana Grande Returns Engagement Ring to Pete Davidson, but Will Keep Pet Pig

The couple's split raises questions about the proper breakup etiquette.

Ariana Grande has returned the huge engagement ring given to her by ex-fiance Pete Davidson — but she's keeping their pet pig.

The pop star bought the tea cup pig, Piggy Smallz, as an emotional support animal.

But when it came to her 3.3 carat diamond ring, a published report said "there was no struggle over" who'd keep it. Grande returned the $93,000 diamond ring to the "Saturday Night Live" star.

Wedding planner Marcy Blum said Grande did the right thing.

"Let's look at the difference in stature between the two of them in finances," Blum said. "Obviously that's a much more expensive piece of jewelry to him than it is to her so yes, it's the right thing to do."

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Unfortunately, the couple can't return the 15 tattoos they got to express their love.

Davidson, 24, got an "AG" inked on his hand, a tattoo of their pet pig and a large "Grande" tattoo along his side.

Grande, 25, has "Pete" on her finger and "8418" on her foot. The number represents the badge number of Davidson's father, a firefighter who died on 9/11. She also has "Always" tattooed along her rib cage, believed to be written in Davidson's handwriting.

"I don't think it's a great idea to get tattoos before you're married," Blum added. "It may not be a great idea to get tattoos after you're married, depending on the relationship!"

The couple started dating in May and got engaged within weeks. But over the weekend, it emerged they'd broken it off after just five months together.