Arizona Dad Strips Down at School Board Meeting to Protest More Lenient Dress Code

“I think Hooters has a more strict dress code than this one,” Ira Latham says.

A dad of a public school student who was not happy about the possibility of a relaxed dress code found a memorable way to make his point.

A debate was occurring at a school board meeting in Arizona about adopting a more lenient dress code. After some back and forth, Ira Latham figured the only way to make his point was to start taking his clothes off.

The father removed his shorts and Polo shirt to model a small black top and daisy dukes.

“Under the proposed policy, this would be appropriate in the classroom,” Latham said to board members. “Now if you ask me, this is inappropriate for a board meeting.”

Latham tells Inside Edition he went to a local thrift shop to pick up his new clothes.

“The statement I made was simply, ‘this is not appropriate for a classroom,'” Latham says. “I think Hooters has a more strict dress code than this one."

Crop tops are a staple in teenage closets. One girl on TikTok shows how she wears one every day. Another teen showed in a TikTok the pile of crop tops in her bedroom. 

Latham is not the only frustrated parent. A Boston Globe headline reads “Crop tops. Shorts all year long. Please, make it stop.”

Despite Latham’s efforts, the school board voted three to two to approve the more relaxed dress code.

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