Sherri Papini a No-Show at Divorce Hearing Days After Finishing Out Sentence for Kidnapping Hoax

Her absence comes just days after she left the halfway home where she had been living since completing her prison sentence in August.

The California woman who lied about being abducted after her 22-day disappearance launched a nationwide search was a no-show at a divorce hearing this week.

Sherri Papini was due in court on Monday for a trial readiness conference in her divorce proceedings but did not make an appearance.

Her absence comes just days after she left the halfway home where she had been living since completing her prison sentence in August.

Papini's lawyer said in court on Monday that he had yet to meet with his client since her release and did not know where she was, according to KRCR, but he had plans to meet her later this week.

Court records show that the divorce trial between Sherri and her estranged husband, Keith, is scheduled for Oct. 31. The trial readiness conference that had been scheduled for Monday is now rescheduled for Oct. 23.

Lawyers for both Papinis did not respond to requests for comment.

It has been almost seven years since Papini made national headlines when she faked her own kidnapping, a decision that ultimately landed her in prison.

Papini, 41, was charged with making false statements to federal agents and mail fraud back in 2022, according to a 55-page criminal complaint filed in the Eastern District of California.

The complaint stated that FBI investigators had learned Papini was hiding out with her ex-boyfriend while a nationwide manhunt was underway, in a plot twist that seemed to come straight from pages of the Gillian Flynn novel “Gone Girl.”

Papini also allegedly harmed herself to make it appear as though she had been bruised and beaten during the course of her alleged abduction before returning home to her husband, in yet another plot point straight from Flynn's bestselling book.

FBI investigators learned that despite her claims that she had been kidnapped while out for a run on Nov. 2, 2016, Papini was actually picked up by her ex-boyfriend and driven more than 500 miles to his home in Southern California on that day.

Papini claimed in interviews that two Hispanic women abducted her and then held her captive for 22 days, during which time they beat, starved, branded, and tortured her while keeping her chained in a basement.

When asked to provide a detailed description of the women, Papini said she was unable due to the fact that she was forced to cover her eyes with a hood.

All initial communication with law enforcement was done through her husband, and it was not until three months after she returned home when Papini finally agreed to speak with the FBI.

The false statement charges stemmed from two claims she made in her interviews with FBI agents, while the mail fraud charge was a result of the $30,000 that Papini allegedly received from the California Victim’s Compensation Board after she went missing.

Papini also allegedly used the $50,000 her disappearance helped raised through GoFundMe to pay off credit card bills, according to the complaint.

Six weeks after her arrest, Papini confessed to faking her own abduction as part of a plea deal. 

Keith filed for divorce and sought custody of the couple's two children just days after his wife's admission.

Papini was sentenced to 18 months in prison in September 2022 but released early. She also has to pay a $300,000 fine.

Her ex-boyfriend has never been charged with a crime.

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