Arizona Sergeant Saves 2 Children in a Week Using Training and ‘Mom Instinct'

Sergeant Courtney Fink is a mother and a former 911 operator, and she leaned on those experiences to help the children.

She was just driving by, and now two families are grateful to a police sergeant for saving their children’s lives. 

Courtney Fink, a sergeant in the Phoenix, Arizona Police Department, was in the right place at the right time, which led to her saving two children’s lives in one week.

Fink is also a mom, and those mothering instincts kicked in and helped her save the life of a 3-day-old baby.

She was driving by when she saw a group of concerned people around a baby. They told her the newborn stopped breathing while feeding.  

After a few chest rubs and sternum rubs from Fink, the baby sneezed, and she knew the airway was clear. She says that sneeze was the best sound ever. 

A few days later, she saved another child.

She was near a Ross Dress for Less and got flagged down when a toddler inside the store was having a seizure. Before joining the police department, Fink was a 911 operator, and she leaned on those experiences to help the toddler.

“I remember them talking about taking the diaper off and cooling the core and the body and the neck,” she said.

Fink stabilized the little boy before paramedics arrived. Authorities say he has recovered. 

Saving lives is what the sergeant says she was trained to do. “We all do the same thing every day,” Fink said. “We’re going to calls. We get flagged down. We immediately act.”

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