Arizona Woman Praises Dog That Saved Her From Rattlesnake, and Took a Bite for His Trouble

The golden retriever, Todd, bravely stepped between his owner and the deadly serpent.

Paula Godwin is praising her golden retriever after the loyal pup protected her from a dangerous rattlesnake.  

Godwin, of Arizona, says the snake caught them by surprise while they were on an early morning hike in the desert outside Phoenix on June 29. 

The dog, named Todd stepped between Godwin and the slithering snake.

"The snake got his nose and then he started to rattle," she told Inside Edition. "I jolted back and noticed it was a rattlesnake."

The six-month-old puppy was rushed to the animal hospital, where he remained for 12 hours. 

“He was very swollen," Godwin said. "His face was swollen and it started to linger down to his neck. They said it would take eight days for it to go down."

Todd is now back at home.

"I am so grateful to him because I would probably still be in the hospital right now," Godwin added.

Not only is he her best friend, but he's also her loving protector.  

Rattlesnake bites can be fatal anywhere from six to 48 hours after a bite, but when antivenom is given within two hours, experts say there's a 99 percent chance of recovery.