Arkansas Cops Arrest Dad for 'Unlawful Body Piercing' After He Gave Son an Ear-Piercing the Boy Says He Wanted

The boy told officers during the dramatic arrest, "I wanted my ears pierced."

A dramatic scene played out in an Arkansas family’s home when authorities arrested a father for a son’s ear piercing – what police called “unlawful body piercing.”

Authorities say it started when the boy told classmates at school that his dad, Jeremy Sherland, while drunk, put him in a chokehold and pierced his ear.

When officers went to their home to conduct a welfare check, Sherland allegedly refused to answer questions. Authorities left, and returned with an arrest warrant.

“Why are you in my house?” mom, Danyell Ketchum, could be heard asking cops during the arrest, which was caught on camera.

Arresting officers could be heard responding, “unlawful body piercing, okay?”

As Sherland is led away in handcuffs, Ketchum yells after them, “piercing his son’s ear without a license? It takes three cops, four cops, coming into my house, without permission.”

Their son even told officers, “I wanted my ears pierced.”

Ketchum later said on Facebook, “No, he was not drunk. No, he was not in a headlock.”

“This should have never happened to Jeremy,” Ketchum said. “The piercing was done a year ago.”

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