Armed Good Samaritan Holds Alleged Killer at Bay Until Police Arrive

Part of the dramatic confrontation, in which the suspect allegedly pleaded with the citizen to shoot him, was captured on video.

An armed good Samaritan is being hailed a hero for keeping a man holding a knife at bay until police arrived.

Suspect David Lee Morris, 29, allegedly stabbed his girlfriend at the Seattle Center Armory on Nov. 2 and then ran away, covered in blood. Scott Brown, who works at the Armory's food court, chased after him and caught up, pointing his gun at him and shouting for him to get on the ground. 

Part of the dramatic confrontation was captured on video as Brown trained his weapon, for which he has a concealed carry permit, on Morris.

Morris allegedly begged Brown to shoot him, telling him, "Make the shot count" because he had just "killed the only person he ever loved," Brown told Q13 News.

But Brown said he didn't want to shoot anyone, he simply wanted to protect people. 

When police arrived on the scene, they hit Morris with a stun gun and arrested him. Morris is charged with murder in the death of his girlfriend, Gabrielle Garcia, 28, whose body was found near a pizza restaurant in the Armory.

According to KATU, Morris told police that he had been considering killing his ex since last spring to "make a better life for his son," but had held off to work on their relationship. 

Morris ultimately stabbed Garcia after they had an argument at the Armory and she got up from the table outside the restaurant, court documents filed by authorities state. He told police he thought she was going to call her lawyer. The pair's son witnessed the stabbing, police said.

Morris is being held without bail and has not yet entered a plea. He is due to be arraigned on Nov. 21.