Army of Angry Hornets Swarm Around Exterminator as He Breaks Up Their Refrigerator-Sized Nest

Jude Verret Used a GoPro camera to capture the horrific scene in Louisiana.

It was like something out of a horror movie as a swarm of hornets attacked a man inside a shed.  

Fortunately, exterminator Jude Verret is wearing protective gear from head to toe. He also employed a GoPro camera to record every moment in one family’s shed in Louisiana. 

The hornets went bonkers as he broke up the nest.  

Verret was responding to a call about a shed infested with hornets, but hadn't expected the swarm he was greeted with. 

"We got here what I would say is the granddaddy of all hornets' nests,” he said in the video. 

He told Inside Edition "it was a refrigerator-sized," and estimated that there may be more than a million hornets inside. 

He eventually slammed the nest with the shovel, which caused the insects to go even more ballistic. 

Even the queen bee was there to make her presence known.  

Luckily, Verret walked away without a single sting. 

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