Artist Cosimo Cavallaro Embarks on 'Make America Grate Again' By Building A Wall With Cheese | Inside Edition

Artist Embarks on 'Make America Grate Again' by Building a Wall of Cheese

Cosimo Cavallaro is using expired cotija cheese to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

An artist is taking a cue from the president and building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border himself – except his medium of choice is cheese.

The “Make America Grate Again” project by Italian-Canadian artist Cosimo Cavallaro will be built using 200 blocks of 50-pound cotija cheese.

The idea undoubtedly started with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, he told KMFB.

“All of a sudden, Trump gets elected and he keeps talking about the wall, the wall, the wall,” Cavallaro explained.

Fed up with the slogan, he decided to build his own wall that will span nearly a quarter of a mile on a property he rented for a year in Tecate, California.

“This is the one that sort of made sense because we parallel that wall,” he explained. “What I love about it is there’s also a lot of context here.”

Over the next year, Cavallaro intends for the 6-foot-high and 3-foot-wide wall to rot in the scorching sun.

“That’s a physical goal. My mental goal, my spiritual goal, is that it gets into the hearts of people,” Cavallaro said. “For some reason, you don’t see the waste of money and waste of resources – and also the waste of meeting someone. You know, getting to know them.”