As Hair Dye Runs Down His Face, Sweaty Rudy Giuliani Claims Unfounded Voter Fraud at Bizarre Press Conference

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President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani held a press conference Thursday repeating unfounded claims that there was widespread voter fraud in the Nov. 3 election. But there’s a good chance most people had trouble focusing on what he was saying, thanks to some black liquid dripping down both sides of his face.

“I don’t know what you need to wake you up!” Giuliani said.

He was sweating so much, hair dye was running down his face. Finally, he wiped the dye away, but not before the former New York City mayor was mercilessly lampooned on social media.

Giuliani held the press conference to once again accuse Democrats of engaging in a coordinated scheme to steal the election — a claim that has been repeatedly debunked.

Trump suffered another blow Thursday when the recount in Georgia came in, showing Joe Biden was still the winner.

Meanwhile, the president continues to lay low. His estranged niece, psychologist Mary Trump, is weighing in on his state of mind.

“He lost,” Mary said on CNN. “Losing in my family was the worst possible thing you could do. And it was punished severely, so there is a lot of shame.”

She says Trump’s “shame” at losing is why he canceled Thanksgiving at Mar-a-Lago.

“To show up in public, even in a friendly space like Mar-a-Lago, is to suffer the indignity of being around people who know he’s lost and are going to try to soothe him or comfort him in some way, which would be another way of feeling like a loser. So he's gonna stay in his bunker as long as he possibly can,” Mary said.

Some die-hard Trump supporters are still holding out hope that the election will be overturned, including far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who led a march on Georgia’s State Capitol building.

Fox’s Laura Ingraham, one of Trump’s biggest allies, may be signaling that it’s time to call it quits. Her guest last night was conservative speechwriter Marc Thiessen, who seemed to be directing his remarks at the president.

“When Biden is finally declared the winner by the electoral college, say you’re stepping aside for the sake of the country. Don’t concede that the election was necessarily fair or that it was legitimate. Then immediately announce that you're running in 2024 before the inauguration. Then give a farewell address. This will be a farewell address unlike anyone has ever done, because it’s going to be MacArther-esque, It’s going to be ‘I shall return,’” Thiessen said.

Despite Trump's refusal to concede, president-elect Joe Biden is moving ahead with his transition plans. On Thursday he met virtually with a group of bipartisan governors about how to better fight the surge in COVID-19 cases. 


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