At Least 5 Killed and Many Hurt in 100-Car Pileup on Icy Texas Highway


A deep freeze across much of the United States has led to treacherous conditions on the nation’s highways. At least five people were killed and many were injured in a massive pileup in Fort Worth, Texas that involved more than 100 cars.

Car after car crashed into each other on I-35, which was coated in a slick sheet of ice that made driving treacherous. Video shows a FedEx truck slam into the pileup.

Daylight brought stunning images of the twisted wreckage, which officials are calling a “mass casualty” event. Some motorists found themselves still trapped in the cars.

The recent polar vortex and non-stop snowstorms have led to other heart-stopping moments. One truck was caught on camera careening off an overpass in Wisconsin, falling 70 feet to the highway below.

Miraculously, the driver survived. Richard Lee Oliver told “Good Morning America” that he was on his way to visit his mom when the snow on the side of the road became too much. Good Samaritans came to his rescue and helped him call his mom in case he wasn't going to make it, Oliver tearfully recalled. 

Inside Edition spoke to his fiancée, Candice Haid.

“He is just thankful to be alive. He's thankful that he didn't hurt anybody. He's thankful for the two people that stopped and helped him,” she said.


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