Aunt Suing Nephew Over $1.2 Million Lottery Win Says He Broke Her Heart

A judge has frozen the nephew's half of the prize.

Half of a $1.2 million lottery prize at the center of a dispute between members of a Canadian family has been frozen by a judge.

While on hand to receive the Chase the Ace prize last month, Barbara Reddick told her nephew, Tyrone MacInnis, she'd see him in court.

Reddick claims she bought the ticket and only put MacInnis' name on it for luck, agreeing to share the winnings if they took home the consolation prize, not the jackpot. But he claims they agreed to split the jackpot 50/50.

Reddick has since sued her nephew over the money

On Monday, Justice Patrick Murray froze half of the winnings, pending the resolution of the lawsuit, CBC News reported.

Outside court, Reddick said she agreed with the judge's decision, adding that she hasn't spoken to her nephew since July and doesn't think their relationship will ever be the same.

"He broke my heart," she told reporters.

Meanwhile, MacInnis' lawyer has said he has become the target of online vitriol, according to CTV News. 

“He’s been called a thief and a liar," said attorney Candee McCarthy. "And [Reddick] said he was dead to her. That’s hurtful for anyone when they have a close and loving relationship with someone to have them speak about them that way in any event, let alone publicly like that." 

The two will meet for a Sept. 17 settlement conference.