Woman Wins More Than $100,000 After Accidentally Buying Multiple Lotto Tickets


She plans to go on vacation.

A simple mistake led to a windfall of cash for a Michigan woman. 

Linda Keyanchuk, 64, said she hadn’t meant to buy multiple lottery tickets when she visited a local store on Aug. 8.

"I meant to buy a multi-draw Powerball ticket, but accidentally bought six Powerball tickets," Keyanchuk said.

She ended up with more than $100,000 after matching the Powerball twice, however. 

"I didn't realize my mistake until the next afternoon when I logged in to my lottery account and saw I had won more than $100,000!" she said.

She said she plans to use her money to take a trip.

"People like me just don't win money like this." Keyanchuk said. "It's unreal!"