Australian Man Builds Life-Sized Camper Using Only Legos

The replica caravan even has running water and electricity.

This Australian man went the extra mile to build an impressive camper out of Legos.

Ben Craig of Queensland calls himself a brick builder and with one look at his life-size replica of a 1973 Viscount Royal caravan, entirely — built using Lego bricks — his title explains itself.

In fact, the full-size caravan, equipped with kitchen supplies, electricity and even running water, made Craig the winner of a Guinness World Record.

“We've got 288,630 bricks in the model,” Craig said in an interview with Network Ten.

The caravan Craig built in his garage even has a bed.

“Stiff,” Craig said while describing the "mattress." “It’s a Lego bed – it’s designed to hold weight but it is very, very straight.”

He explained the massive structure took more than 540 hours, or about five months, to build — and he recruited a team of volunteers, including his two young children, to help him.

It also cost more than $100,000 AUD, or $72,000, to build when the real deal would have cost about $2,000.

The Lego caravan is currently on display, but Craig and his team hope to hit the road, bringing the model caravan to parks all around Australia.