Authorities Release Video Showing the Potential Hazards of Not Watering a Christmas Tree

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Police in Florida demonstrated the dangers of potential Christmas tree fires this holiday season.

On Thursday, police and firefighters from Davie and Miranda Fire and Rescue performed a controlled demonstration in which they set fire to a dry Christmas tree to showcase how quickly it burns and can be used as tinder to create an inferno in your home.

“Christmas tree fires are not that common, but when they do happen, they're extremely dangerous," Lt. Jose Gergorish of Miranda Fire Rescue told CBS. "They can go out of control very, very quickly.”

Those with Christmas trees at home should water them daily, authorities said, and dispose of them after the holiday season is over. 

Fire rescue crews also recommend making sure smoke detectors are working properly.

“Property is replaceable, but human life is irreplaceable," Asst. Chief Jorge Gonzalez of Davie Fire Rescue added. "Those are the things that we want to avoid this holiday season."


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