Baby Born With Congenital Heart Disease on Way to Transplant Surgery Receives Corridor of Cheers

"It's like he's a brand new kid," baby Mark Clouse Jr.'s mom told Inside Edition.

This 15-month-old has been waiting for a new heart his entire life, and thanks to a life-saving heart transplant surgery, little Mark Clouse Jr. is celebrating a new lease on life.

The Tennessee boy as born with congenital heart disease.

“He was only home three months before he went into heart failure,” his mom, Patience Clouse, tells Inside Edition.

Last summer, he was placed on the heart transplant list, but the wait was arduous.

“We got to a point where he wasn’t eating, he was throwing everything up, he was losing weight,” Patience says. “We were told the odds of him making it to the transplant were unknown. We didn’t know if he was going to make it or not.”

But last month, their wait was over when little Mark was wheeled into his heart transplant surgery as the hospital cheered him on. 

Now, little Mark is healthy as ever.

“It was amazing,” Patience says. “It’s like he’s a brand new kid.”

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