Baby in Spain Dies After Being Hit With Orange-Sized Hail Stone During Freak Storm

Zoomed in photo of small hail stones on the grassZoomed in photo of small hail stones on the grass
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A 20-month-old baby died from head injuries during a short but turbulent storm in Spain.

A 20-month old baby died after getting hit by a giant hailstone during a storm in Spain on Tuesday, according to reports.

The toddler had reportedly been struck by a hail stone that measured 4 inches in diameter — the size of an orange, according to the New York Post. 

The storm was described as, “short but very intense” and struck Catalonia, Spain, on Tuesday evening, according to the Spanish site Murcia Today. 

According to the outlet, the baby was rushed to a local hospital, but ultimately died the next morning due to severe head trauma.

According to The Independent, this “freak” storm was the worst in the area in two decades.  Several others obtained injuries during, including cuts, bruises, and broken bones.

According to The New York Post, local firefighters reportedly fielded more than 40 calls for both “assistance to the injured,” in addition to damage to buildings, wiring, and other property.

Areas of Spain, including Catalonia and Barcelona, continue to be under warnings for extreme or “violent” weather, according to Murica Today.

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