Unbelievable Storm Drops Massive Hail on Zoo, Killing 2 Animals and Leaving 14 People Injured

The dangerous storm also dented cars and caused a large amount of damage.

It was a terrifying scene for animals and humans alike at a zoo in Colorado Monday as the facility was pummeled by hail.

A bear was seen trying to take cover as giant hail stones the size of softballs rained down at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs.     

There were 3,000 guests inside the zoo at the time. A number of them sought refuge in the zoo's restaurant. 

Nine people were treated for injuries at the zoo but five others had such serious injuries they had to be hospitalized. 

Sadly, two of the zoo's animals, a duck and a vulture, were stuck and killed by the hail.    

Three hundred cars were also severely damaged to the point where they couldn't be driven.    

The zoo remained closed Tuesday as a massive clean-up effort is underway.

In a statement, the zoo said it was "heartbroken to confirm the loss" of a cape vulture named Motswari and a Muscovy duck named Daisy.