Baby Kangaroo Emerges From Mom's Pouch for First Time, Wants to Go Right Back In

This baby kangaroo is all of us in the winter.

In a rare moment caught on video, a baby kangaroo emerged from his mom’s pouch for the first time at the Xi'an Qinling Wildlife Zoo in China.

The joey was in the pouch for six months before entering the world, but in the video it appears he wants to go right back inside.

Baby kangaroos are born around two centimeters tall and weighing less than a gram but stay in their mom’s pouch for six to seven months while they grow. There are four nipples inside the mom’s pouch.

"It's very naughty," said Shen Guancheng, chief engineer of the Xi'an Qinling Wildlife Zoo. "It often likes to go outside its mom's pouch and play around. Afterwards it goes back in the pouch."

The mother kangaroo came from Australia in April and became pregnant while at the zoo.

"It's relatively warm in Australia, so we have heating in the zoo to mimic this. The visitors can see the kangaroos in the zoo at our indoor showroom," said Guancheng.