Baby Saved by Yonkers Police After Getting Pinned Under Car in Crash

After being hit by a suspected drunk driver, a mother and child were saved by police despite being pinned underneath a car.

A mother and baby in New York were saved by Yonkers police after being hit by a car.

Two police officers, Paul Samoyedny and Rocco Fusco, were at a nearby bagel shop when they heard the commotion.

While the woman was crossing the street carrying her 8-month-old in Yonkers, New York, a suspected drunk driver rounded the corner and hit them, dragging them into the storefront of a barber shop.

The police arrived on the scene, realizing they needed to get the mother and baby from under the car.

"We realized the car couldn't be moved, so we had to get the car off the baby," Samoyedny said.

Amid broken glass, the officers lifted the over 2,600-pound Hyundai Elantra off of the mother and baby so Samoyedny could reach the baby, who was covered in motor oil.

“The effort that he put into lifting up that car, unbelievable. Really proud of Rocco," Samoyedny said.

Authorities say the mother’s leg was broken and her baby sustained a skull fracture and third-degree burns. 

Both are “being treated, but are expected to survive their injuries,” according to the authorities. 

David Poncurak, 43, was arrested in connection with the crash. He has not entered a plea, according to the Westchester County District Attorney's Office.

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