Falling Tree Crashes Into Home Nursery, Narrowly Missing Sleeping Baby

Five-month-old Cannon Buchholtz miraculously didn't sustain a single scratch in the scary incident. “Hearing him cry was a relief actually, because I did fear the worst," his mom tells Inside Edition.

A falling tree came crashing down on a Louisiana home nursery, but miraculously missed a baby asleep in his crib. Five-month-old Cannon started crying as debris rained down, and his parents, Kale and Courtney Buchholtz, rushed upstairs, security camera footage shows.

“Hearing him cry was a relief actually, because I did fear the worst. I was terrified at the thought of losing him,” Courtney told Inside Edition.

The family’s home in suburban Baton Rouge was extensively damaged in the incident. Debris was everywhere, and sections of the walls were destroyed when the tree fell in. 

Miraculously, the little boy didn’t get a single scratch. 

The family is now staying with family and friends, as they work with their insurance company to get their home repaired.

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