'Beach Week': Inside the Booze-Soaked Revelry Marked by Brett Kavanaugh's Calendar

YouTube is full of videos of frolicking in the sand, sunbathing and lots of drinking.

“Beach Week” in Ocean City, Maryland, has been a tradition for decades, including the summer of 1982, when then-17-year-old Brett Kavanaugh and his buddies went there.

“Beach Week” was scrawled across the Supreme Court nominee's calendar during the week it went down. The calendar was presented during his hearings last week. 

Kavanaugh was the organizer of the event, the leader who took charge and sent out a letter to his pals declaring: “This week has big potential.”

The group rented a two-bedroom apartment on the 14th floor of the Atlantis, which is right on the beach, and features a spectacular view of the ocean.  

For the locals in Ocean City who depend on tourist dollars, "Beach Week" is a blessing that brings in 10,000 high school seniors in the month of June alone. 

Nikki Buzgierski is the manager of BJ’s on the Water, one of the many bars and restaurants along the city’s famed boardwalk.

“It can get very rowdy,” she told Inside Edition. “You have kids who jump off the roof, jump from one roof to another.”

Kavanaugh and his friends planned on partying hard. At the time, the drinking age was 18. 

“It would probably be a good idea to warn the neighbors that we're loud, obnoxious drunks with prolific pukers among us," he wrote in his letter. 

“You'll have underage drinking, they'll try something stupid and fall off a balcony," Stewart Dobson, the publisher of Ocean City Today, told Inside Edition. "They'll come down, act stupid for a week, and go home.