From Bedsheets to Makeup Brushes, How Often Should You Clean Everyday Household Items?

Chances are you're not washing some items as often as you should be.

Everyone wants a clean home, but are you doing all you can to make sure it stays sanitary.

In the bedroom, you should be concerned about dust as well as the oil and bacteria that comes from your own skin, according to lifestyle expert Trae Bodge. 

“When it comes to your sheets, you want to wash them about once a week or every two weeks at the very least,” she added. 

It's also important to wash more than just your pillow case.

"Your pillow cases you want to wash every week with your sheets, but you should actually be washing the pillow itself," she added. "If you can believe it ... you should be doing that every three to six months." 

You touch doorknobs every day of your life, but have you ever actually cleaned them? If not, Bodge says you absolutely should.

"I’d recommend cleaning them once a week with a disinfecting wipe,” she said. “If there's an illness in the house, I’d recommend cleaning the doorknobs more than once a week."

Makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria. 

“It's really important that you clean your makeup applicators and you can do it very easily by using a diluted dish detergent or facial cleanser,” she said. 

Just swirl the brush around and watch the makeup come right off. 

"If you're using a brush where you're using a wet product like concealer, you want to wash them frequently, like once a week," she said. "For dry products like face powder, once a month is fine."

And one of the dirtiest places in the home is your pet’s bowl, the home of some dangerous bacteria if not kept clean. 

"They can collect staff, yeast, E. coli, parasites," Bodge said. "They should be washed every day with a little bit of dish detergent and hot water and then once a week, you can really sanitize it by putting it in the dishwasher."