Beloved Family Dog Escapes Blaze by Leaping Out Window as Pennsylvania Home Goes Up in Flames

The Stump family is grateful their beloved dog, Charlie, was able to jump out of a window to escape the fire spreading through their Pennsylvania home.

The harrowing moment a beloved family dog jumped out of a window to escape the flames creeping toward him as the house went up in flames was captured on camera.  

After some coaxing, Charlie the dog finally leapt for his life, but he didn’t get out unscathed.   

“He is burnt. Oh, my gosh. He's burned,” a person can be heard saying in footage of Charlie’s escape. 

Charlie was brought to an animal hospital to be treated for the injuries he suffered.  

“He's got a nasal fill for oxygen right now. He suffered some burns on the back. He's got an IV drip right there,” one of his owners said while taking a video of him at the animal hospital.   

The Stump family home in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, was destroyed in the fire, but what mattered most to them was that Charlie made it out alive.  

With Charlie back at home, the family told Inside Edition they plan to spoil him for the rest of his life.  

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