Beloved Ukraine Church That Survived 2 World Wars Burnt Down by Russians Advancing on Kyiv

Images of the Ukraine crisis are resurrecting painful memories of World War II.

A cherished church that survived both world wars was set on fire by Russian troops as they advanced on Kyiv.

The Church of St. George stood proudly for 150 years before it was destroyed.

One local resident called the Russians "bloodthirsty.” “Everything that is left alive in me now burns,” they told The Daily Beast.

Meanwhile, images of the mass exodus of refugees on crowded train platforms are resurrecting painful memories of World War II.

Ukrainians fled for their lives in the snow across a bombed out bridge — an evacuation similar to one captured in a 1945 photograph.

Civilians are seeking shelter underground in Kyiv's subway system, just like Londoners did during the Blitz. 

And images of little ones caught up in the conflict are always the toughest to bear. One image shows children lined up in a bomb shelter, just like in Britain 80 years ago.

A father was overcome with emotion as he left his daughter to join the fight against the Russians, like so many children in 1940 — a sad farewell, not knowing if they would ever see their fathers again.

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