Ukraine's Zelenskyy Bravely Reveals He’s Still in Presidential Palace, Not in Hiding

Volodymyr Zelenskyy's raw courage is winning admiration around the globe.

A defiant President Zelenskyy taunts the Russians in a daring new video, even revealing his exact location.

He pointed the camera out a window to prove he's still in the presidential palace in Kyiv, and even cracked a joke as he strolled the corridors.

“We used to say, 'Monday is a hard day.' There's a war, so every day is Monday,” the Ukrainian leader said.

It's a stark contrast with Vladimir Putin, who is said to be isolated and obsessed with his personal safety.

Zelenskyy's raw courage is winning admiration around the globe. He was given a standing ovation by a packed British Parliament today after addressing lawmakers by video.

Zelenskyy, who rose to fame as a comedian, is now being compared to a great wartime leader from another era — Winston Churchill. Time Magazine says it's as if Charlie Chaplin morphed into Churchill.

In Ukraine, the suffering is intensifying. Video shows a drone attack on the long Russian convoy outside Kyiv. 

Two hundred miles away in the city of Sumy, 21 people were killed in a bombing. The sound of gun battles can be heard in the city's empty streets.

Food is becoming scarce, but the punishment for looting is harsh. One man was stripped and taped to a utility pole.
Women in combat gear and toting assault rifles are vowing to fight to the bitter end.

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