Best Friends With Down Syndrome Sweetly Dance Together: 'It's a Very Unique Friendship'

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The two children with special needs were in the spirit of Valentine’s Day when they slow-danced together in their Oklahoma classroom. 

Maureen Lawson, who is a special education teacher at Westwood Elementary School in Stillwater, said the moment between her students Graham, 8, and Sophie, 10, was totally impromptu.

“Sophie is new this year, and she and Graham just hit it off really well,” Lawson told “Sometimes friendships for children living with cognitive abilities is a hard thing.”

Sophie and Graham just gravitated toward one another and now are the best of friends

So it was not a surprise on Valentine’s Day when they were hanging out in the classroom together, but Lawson was shocked to see them start dancing together.

“I turned around and they were just slow dancing and there was no music,” Lawson said. “I had never seen them dance before. They were just doing something sweet and fun. They are just best friends.”

Lawson, who has worked in special education for 13 years, said she grabbed her camera to record the adorable moment. 

“It’s a very unique friendship,” she added.


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