Bidder Wins Seat on Jeff Bezos’ First Manned Rocket Trip to Space for $28 million

A bidder has won a seat on Jeff Bezos' rocket ship for $28M

The billionaire’s company Blue Origin has received a winning bid for the very first seat on the New Shepard, set to lift off on July 20.

Blue Origin, billionaire Jeff Bezos’ space company, received a $28 million bid to join him, his brother, and an unnamed additional party for their first manned flight to space on July 20. 

The company auctioned off the very first seat on New Shepard, the company’s rocket ship, garnering bids from about 7,600 people spanning 159 countries. 

According to the Blue Origin site, proceeds from this auction is going to the company’s foundation, Club for the Future

This foundation is geared towards inspiring future generations to engage in STEM careers. 

In the coming weeks, the name of the auction winner and the fourth flight member will be revealed, according to Blue Origin. 

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