Bienvenido Aguado, a Spanish Mountain Biker, Breaks World Record by Pulling Off Incredible Front Flip

The daring feat happened at the Darkside event in South Africa

Bienvenido Aguado, a Spanish mountain biker, recently broke a world record. The daredevil did it by performing the longest dirt-to-dirt front flip ever: 30 meters, or about 98 feet.

According to NowThis, he broke the previous record by about 30 feet. 

It happened at the annual Darkfest event in Stellenbosch, South Africa, where free-riders tempt gravity. As the website explains, the high-energy event is filled with "massive jumps, huge tricks and an awesome vibe."

Once airborne, Bienvenido seemed like he might never come down again. And when he’d completed the course, there were shouts of celebration.

Afterward, an elated Bienvenido described how he felt. “I have been waiting for so long,” he said. "Espeically after the last Darkfest. it was quite windy so we didn't get as many laps as we wanted."

He added, “But it was time. All the pressure was out after doing it, and I am the happiest dude on the planet right now."

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