Billionaire Bill Gross Harassed Laguna Beach Neighbor With ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Theme Song, Judge Rules

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Billionaire Bill Gross and his girlfriend, former tennis pro Amy Schwartz, harassed their neighbor by repeatedly blasting the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song outside their Laguna Beach mansion, an Orange County Superior Court judge ruled Wednesday.

“Everyone is entitled to quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their own home free from the interference from neighbors,” Judge Kimberly Knill said. 

Gross and Schwartz were accused of blasting the song for hours at a time, all to annoy their neighbor Mark Towfiq, who captured the scene on his cell phone. The feud began after Gross put a protective netting over a $1 million sculpture in his yard. Towfiq said it blocked his view.

On the stand, Gross admitted to repeatedly playing the theme song. He said the song held significance to him and his girlfriend, because the S.S. Minnow heading out to sea in the show’s open was filmed from where his house is located.

“We started playing it again and again, and it became just something that we did,” Gross testified.

Gross has been ordered to stay at least five yards away from his neighbor and to keep the volume way down.


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