Bizarre Details Revealed in Case of Boy Abandoned on Texas Doorstep

The mystery that initially baffled authorities has been solved.

Shocking security camera video shows a woman bringing a toddler to the door of a Texas home before ultimately leaving him there.

In the footage from the Ring doorbell camera, the woman is seen ringing the bell and pounding on the door. She then turns and runs back to her car, leaving the little boy on the porch, bewildered.

When the homeowners in Houston opened their door at 8:20 p.m. Wednesday night, they discovered the 2-year-old boy. They had no idea who he was.

Courtney Fischer is a reporter for KTRK in Houston and spoke to Inside Edition about the incident. 

"She just leaves the kid, takes off running, and gets the heck out of there," Courtney Fischer, a reporter for KTRK, said. "This little kid is left looking around, doesn't know what is going on. Thank God somebody was home at this house to let him in." 

The video contained important clues, including the child's backpack in the shape of a monkey that the woman is seen carrying. She has long hair that falls past her waist and distinctive tattoos on her right arm. She sped away in a white sedan.

Fischer went around the neighborhood to see if anyone could identify the boy or the woman who left him. When she spoke to a man named Willie Simmons, he said the child was his son.  

As it turns out, he lives next door to the home where the child was abandoned.

"I am angry! I am upset!" Simmons told Inside Edition. "Every time I watch the video, I get more and more madder because if that was her child she would have not left him." 

He told Inside Edition his son's name is Royal Prince Simmons, and the woman who left the boy on the doorstep was a friend of the child’s mom

The mom had reportedly asked the friend to drop off the child at his father's house, but she went to the wrong address. 

"Just imagine if my nice neighbors weren't there?" Simmons said. "My son would have wandered into the street and got hit. Just imagine nobody would have been around. He would have just been walking."